2 Sneaky Tricks Real Estate Agents Use To Fool You To Sign 

Almost ALL home sellers fall for one or both of these tricks...

Trick 1 - Database of buyers 

The first trick is the promise of: "I have a database of buyers looking for a home just like yours".
Of course, the agent won't introduce you to those "buyers" until AFTER you have signed up and are locked-in.

If real estate agents had a database of buyers, why do almost all of them charge marketing fees?
Wouldn't most homes just sell to someone on their database within days, without the need for any marketing fees?

Do you really believe that people on an agent's so-called 'database' are sitting around waiting for the agent to call them about your listing?  OR do you think it is more likely that they are looking online, like 95% of all buyers?
Please, don't ever fall for the "I have buyers" trick.  Agents don't 'own' or have buyers.  Your buyer is looking for their next home online.

Trick 2 - Free appraisal

The second trick is the 'free appraisal'.  All real estate agents know that you are probably going to interview 2 or 3 others.
They also know that you are more likely to choose the agent who promises you the highest sale price - even if it's unrealistic and inaccurate.
This creates a terrible conflict of interest.  You want an accurate appraisal, but the agent wants your business, and knows that he is more likely to get it with an inflated appraisal.
Once you've signed and are locked-in, the conditioning starts. Did you know that most agents are taught specific techniques to condition your price expectation down?
What you believe to be an appraisal, is actually called a listing presentation by the industry.  
The sole purpose of this presentation is nothing less than getting your listing at all cost.  This is why an 'appraisal' is free.
Unfortunately you need to assume that any appraisal you receive will not be accurate at all so please, never choose an agent on this basis.
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The 7 Myths...

All home sellers who sign with a real estate agent believe 7 myths or fallacies that have been conditioned into us over many generations. 

Believing in these myths just about guarantees that sellers will lose out on tens of thousands of dollars without even realising it - on top of any commissions they pay.  

You won't hear about these myths from ANY traditional real estate agent or even from newcomers like Purple Bricks.  

Would you like to find out what these myths are and how to avoid them? 

Are you open to a different perspective on how to achieve a higher price for your home than any of your neighbours without paying a commission or selling by yourself?

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Hi, my name is David Kaity and I'm NOT a real estate agent.  I'm a property marketing strategist and author.  I help home sellers pocket many tens of thousands of dollars more than they could with ANY real estate agent.  Click the link below now to ask me for a FREE copy of my book. 

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