Case Study: One-Bedroom, Greenslopes Unit

Home owner pockets $30k more on the sale of their one-bedroom Greenslopes unit

Revolutionary Real Estate mentored the owners of this one-bedroom Greenslopes unit on its renovation and sale. The owners pocketed $30,000 more than their neighbour's identical unit as a result.
In this case study, we look at what they did, and how they achieved a better price than an identical, un-renovated unit for sale next door.

Before and After Photos of this Greenslopes One-Bedroom Unit

The Situation

The owners of this one-bedroom Greenslopes unit were ready to sell in a suburb that had an over-supply of one bedroom units. 
They were worried they were in a tough market, and didn't want to lose money on the sale of their unit. They were also nervous about giving away a large amount of equity to a Real Estate Agent.
This lead them to look for innovative ways to achieve a higher sale price for their home without paying Real Estate Commissions.

The Discovery

"The biggest mistake first time renovators make is over-capitalising on the renovation"

David Kaity, Revolutionary Real Estate

After meeting with Revolutionary Real Estate, the couple soon realised that a smart and simple renovation is an essential part of the property selling process.
They understood it was possible to renovate on a budget in a way that would have a huge impact on their sale price.
They took the Revolutionary Real Estate advice on exactly what to do; and how much to spend; and started straight away.
The total cost of the renovation of this one bedroom unit was $8,300.
This included a cost effective make-over of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living area. 

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Cost-effective changes made to each room