Case Study: One-Bedroom, Greenslopes Unit

Home owner pockets $30k more on the sale of their one-bedroom Greenslopes unit

Revolutionary Real Estate mentored the owners of this one-bedroom Greenslopes unit on its renovation and sale. The owners pocketed $30,000 more than their neighbour's identical unit as a result.
In this case study, we look at what they did, and how they achieved a better price than an identical, un-renovated unit for sale next door.

Before and After Photos of this Greenslopes One-Bedroom Unit

The Situation

The owners of this one-bedroom Greenslopes unit were ready to sell in a suburb that had an over-supply of one bedroom units. 
They were worried they were in a tough market, and didn't want to lose money on the sale of their unit. They were also nervous about giving away a large amount of equity to a Real Estate Agent.
This lead them to look for innovative ways to achieve a higher sale price for their home without paying Real Estate Commissions.

The Discovery

"The biggest mistake first time renovators make is over-capitalising on the renovation"

David Kaity, Revolutionary Real Estate

After meeting with Revolutionary Real Estate, the couple soon realised that a smart and simple renovation is an essential part of the property selling process.
They understood it was possible to renovate on a budget in a way that would have a huge impact on their sale price.
They took the Revolutionary Real Estate advice on exactly what to do; and how much to spend; and started straight away.
The total cost of the renovation of this one bedroom unit was $8,300.
This included a cost effective make-over of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living area. 

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Cost-effective changes made to each room

One Bedroom Greenslopes Unit Kitchen Before and After photo
One Bedroom Greenslopes Unit Bedroom Before and After photo
One Bedroom Greenslopes Unit Bathroom Before and After photo
One Bedroom Greenslopes Unit Lounge Before and After photo Brisbane


  • New sink
  • Resurfaced tiles
  • Resurfaced cupboards
  • New dishwasher
  • New oven and cooktop
  • Refreshed wall paint
  • Replaced cabinet handles
  • New venetian blinds
  • New flooring


  • New ceiling fan with light
  • New carpet
  • Refreshed wall paint
  • New venetian blinds


  • New shower screen
  • New vanity door panel
  • Vanity respray
  • Refreshed / painted tiles

Living Room

  • Refreshed wall paint
  • New venetian blinds
  • New flooring

The Results

The one-bedroom unit sold for $25,000 more than its identical neighbouring unit and the owners pocketed $30k more than their neighbours on its sale.

Renovation Cost                 -$8,300

Higher sale price achieved +$25,000 

Total Pocketed More than an Identical Neighbouring Property including commission saved


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Would You Like A FREE Copy Of This Book?