Case Study: Wynn Vale, Adelaide Home

No-Commission-Real-Estate-Private-Sale-Wynn-Vale-Adelaide-SA-Australia-middleThis Adelaide couple pocketed $13,300 more on the sale of their Wynn Vale Home

Revolutionary Real Estate assisted the owners of this Wynn Vale home in its sale. The owners pocketed $13,300 more by following their Assisted Private Sale™ method.
In this case study, we look at what they did, and how they sold their home for top dollar.

Photos of this Wynn Vale home after preparation

The Situation

Wynn Vale Case Study
Grant and Kelly had to relocate their family of 5 (three girls) from Adelaide to Brisbane due to work. 
We assisted with the marketing of their home from Brisbane, and for most of this time Grant had already started working in Brisbane. 
So it was Kelly, a working mother of three who was collaborating with us most of the way. 
Due to various constraints, significant cosmetic alterations were not an option, but Grant and Kelly worked hard to optimise the presentation of their home. 
This included Grant flying back to Adelaide to do garden work on some weekends.  

The Discovery

Their dedication paid off because they achieved their expected sale price, while saving at least $12,000. 
This started a positive domino effect, because this saving allowed them to put a larger deposit on their next home in Brisbane, which then helped them avoid having to take out lenders mortgage insurance on the Brisbane purchase. 
That would have cost them $15,000, so their total savings were around $27,000.

The Recommendation

"We had an interested buyer within a week ... We'd recommend Revolutionary Real Estate to anyone we know thinking of selling."


Grant and Kelly's Adelaide Testimonial



Wynn Vale, Adelaide

Kelly and Grant were unsure at first, until they met with us and quickly saw the value.

"When I mentioned to Kelly that I had approached David about helping us sell our house she was hesitant.

The lure of avoiding hefty agent commissions and marketing fees meant that we agreed to meet with them and discuss the “Revolutionary approach”, over coffee.
David and Zsofi supported us along the way despite being interstate.
We utilised technology to our advantage and used Skype to show them through the house so they could guide us on presentation and how to ensure someone fell in love with our house and wanted to buy it.
David and Zsofi’s advice on how to present and respond to enquiries meant...

...we had anNo-Commission-Wynn-Vale-Adelaide-Happy-young-family-Sold-property interested buyer within the week.

I’d estimate we made about $12,000 in savings right there.
This together with meeting our target sale price, made our end savings possible to buy again without paying LMI (lenders mortgage insurance)!
LMI would have added about $15K on top of our loan. Total savings then $27,000 which is remarkable when you look at it that way!"

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