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This book reveals what NO real estate agent wants you to know:

How To Achieve A Higher Sale Price For Your Home Than With ANY Agent, Without Paying A Commission Or Selling By Yourself

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What you'll discover in this book, which you won't read elsewhere:

  • Why you MUST forget everything you (think you) know about selling your home if you want to achieve a better result.
  • How to easily pocket $50,000 extra from your sale to help you upgrade to a better home or boost your retirement.
  • The immutable formula to achieving the highest sale price without paying a commission OR having to sell by yourself.
  • How to easily pocket many tens of thousands of dollars more from the sale of your home than any of your neighbours.
  • Why commissions lead to lower sale prices.
  • The myth of the “database of buyers”.
  • What real estate agents really sell. (hint: it’s not property)
  • Why real estate agents should be banned from giving appraisals.
  • …and much, MUCH more…
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