Optimum Market Value Discovery

Don't Be Fooled By A Real Estate Agent's Biased Appraisal Or Pay A Fortune To An Expensive Valuer

"The market doesn't care what a real estate agent wants you to believe your home is worth."

Don't you think it's strange that real estate agents come to you with a list of "comparable sales" that they printed before they have even seen your home?

How would they know what to compare your home to if they haven't seen it first?

Wouldn't you have doubts about the accuracy of a so-called "appraisal" that is based on such a report?

Even if you did, how would you verify that they're comparing 'apples with apples' when all you have to go on are small thumbnail images of allegedly "comparable sales"?

Are you hoping that by getting three or four appraisals, that somehow 'three or four wrongs will make a right' and give you a more accurate idea of the value of your home?

All things being equal, wouldn't you be more likely to list with the agent who gave you the highest appraisal?

Knowing this and knowing that you'll be speaking with several others, don't you think that agents have an incentive to give you an inflated appraisal to to get your signature?

Are you sick of real estate agents using the 'free appraisal' to get a foot in your door and pressure you to sell and list with them?


Would you like to be in no doubt about the value of your home, without being pressured to sell and list OR pay $500 to a valuer?

The Answer Is The Optimum Market Value Discovery

After your home is thoroughly inspected, we conduct exhaustive and thorough research to find the most comparable recent sales in your area.  You'll see exactly why they were comparable.

You are then taken on a digital virtual tour of each comparable sale where you'll see detailed, high resolution internal and external images.  This will make it crystal clear how your home compares.

You won't have to rely on what someone else tells you your home is worth because the overwhelming evidence will leave you in no doubt

Discover exactly how long comparable homes took to sell compared to your suburb average and why.  You will see the mistakes made by those whose homes were on the market for too long, so that you can avoid them.   

Insight into the marketing campaign and pricing strategy behind each comparable sale revealing what worked and what didn't, so you don't make the same mistakes


Identification of any potential buyer objections to your home - many of which you probably don't know.  These may turn today's buyers away or give them reasons to try to knock your price down.

Quick, easy and affordable solutions and industry-insider tricks to eliminate or minimise those buyer objections, to help increase your sale price by possibly tens of thousands of dollars.

Clever solutions to have buyers falling over each other in competition for your home making them forget about negotiating the price.   

Unlike with real estate agents, there is ZERO pressure on you to list or sell your home. 


How Much Does The Optimum Market Value Discovery Cost?

This is a risk-free offer as we don't charge you unless you are completely happy with the thoroughness of the Optimum Market Value Discovery we present to you.  In other words, if you're not happy with our work, you don't pay.

Until the end of June, we are offering the Optimum Market Value Discovery at a special price of $47 instead of $97, which is a bargain compared to a standard valuation that costs around $500.

Don't Miss This Special Offer! Book Your Optimum Market Value Discovery Now:

The Optimum Market Value Discovery starts with a thorough inspection of your home.  Please allow approximately one hour for this.

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