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Price Guarantee - you only pay if your home sells for a price you're happy withYour Sale Price Guarantee: You only pay if and when you achieve a sale of your home within a specific price range that you're happy with.
Okay we completely understand.
Selling your home outside the traditional way can sound kind of risky – especially if you don’t know anyone who’s ever done it before without a Real Estate Agent.  
There might be some unknowns and a few steps in the process that you’re uncertain of.
That’s why we’re here to hold your hand every step of the way, 24-7, and to walk you through the process.

We’ve done it before – many times.
Wilston Brisbane sell without a agent wilston brisbane yayOver the years we’ve helped our clients pocket $100s of thousands more than they could have with any agent or by doing it alone. We simply follow a standard and proven process over and over again.
Once you’ve felt the immense satisfaction that comes with achieving the highest sale price for your home without an agent, you might even wonder why anyone uses Real Estate Agents.  
Once you learn what we know, you'll realise that there is no greater risk than selling with a traditional Real Estate Agent.  This is why it is a huge waste of your money and time to consider or compare real estate agents.
You’ve got this! 

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Our Fees

Our price guarantee

Flat Success Fee

We charge a flat success fee that is only payable once your home has been bought.
  • Please enquire about our fixed or capped fee services
  • You ONLY pay once your home has been bought.  If you don't believe that our help was worth our fee, then don't pay. 
  • You are not locked into any contract and if for any reason, you don't like our strategy or philosophy, you are free to leave with no obligation to pay.
  • To see all the detail of what's included, check out our proven 7-step process, and what you get each and every step of the way

How Our Sale Price Guarantee Works

our price guarantees zero commissionOur Sale Price Guarantee: You only pay if and when you achieve a sale of your home within a specific price range that you're happy with.
We have documented a dependable, proven recipe for selling your home for top dollar. This recipe has been tried and tested over many transactions and is also used by a small number of the very best real estate agents - who charge much more. Our service to you is sharing that recipe, executing the harder parts of it, and holding your hand through the making of it so you can generate the most money possible on the sale of your home - and keep much more of it.
As part of the first step in this recipe, and before we agree if we're a good fit to work together, we provide you with an independent, FREE detailed analysis on your property and your local area.  We give you the kind of evidence that you won't receive from any real estate agent and which you could only expect from a valuer, who charges around $500.

Guarantee Private Sale of Real Estate no commissionBased on that analysis and evidence, you will have a very clear understanding of the price range that you would like to sell your home within.  

"Unlike real estate agents, we don't force inflated values on you, or give you false hope to win your business.  We deal in hard facts only and you make the decision."

If you don't achieve a sale within that price range, you don't pay a cent to us.
And of course, there's no Real Estate commission to worry about.
Read more here from our happy customers who've walked away with a huge sense of achievement and substantial savings.

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1 Amount saved in fees is based on average 2.5% Real Estate Commission + 1% marketing costs saved

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