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A Forced Private Sale Leads To An Amazing Discovery...

A Private Sale Dilemma:  After four months of blood, sweat, tears, effort and money, there we were, my wife - Zsofi - and I, looking at a potential loss of $15,000 on our first renovation project.  Even though we bought the house at a good price, we made many rookie mistakes and overcapitalised on the very project we were hoping to pull a nice profit from.
We had a very significant decision to make.  Either do what everybody else does, engage a local real estate agent and walk away with a $15,000 loss OR try a private sale and hopefully break even by not having to pay the eye-watering commissions and marketing fees.


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Taking a chance on a Private Sale

After much agonising, we decided to take a chance and sell privately and boy, were we in for a steep learning curve!  

The only reason we were game to give it a go was because of our huge experience with local real estate agents.  

Before we bought the house, we spent six months of weekends attending 5-10 open homes each Saturday to do our market research. During this time we met over 100 real estate agents.  This helped us get a really good idea of what they were and weren’t doing; what they were doing right and wrong, and what they should and shouldn’t be doing.
The story has a happy ending. After an emotional roller coaster ride and some costly mistakes, which we would never make now, we found a buyer for top dollar and got out with $5,000 to spare. Above is the photo of a very proud us in front of the sold house.  After our successful sale, family, friends and their family and friends started asking us if we could help them achieve a similar result.
As we guided them through the process and fine tuned our methods, we discovered something extraordinary...

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Our Big 'Aha' Moment

This discovery was as simple as it was profound.  A home cannot be sold, it can only be bought. This is regardless of whether it is marketed by an agent or through a private sale. We realised that the homes we were helping to market were bought and NOT sold.  There is nothing anyone can say to sell somebody a home.
Not knowing this is what leads the majority of people to unnecessarily waste tens of thousands of dollars on commissions and ‘marketing packages’.
Think back to when you bought your home.  What made you buy it? Were you talked into it or did you need convincing?  Did the agent smooth talk you into the purchase?  


Like the vast majority of people, you probably bought the home because it satisfied most of your criteria.  It was in the right location and condition, it was the right size, it had the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms or a backyard, and it was within or close to your budget.
The best that anybody - including the very best real estate agents - can do is to create the optimal conditions for the right buyer, whilst eliminating as many buyer objections and obstacles as possible.  This can be achieved by identifying, attracting, enticing and compelling an ideal buyer to make an offer and pay as much as they possibly can.
There is actually a formula or a process for doing this and this formula doesn’t care who follows it or how much you pay for it.  It doesn't matter whether this process is applied by a real estate agent or through a private sale.  We have guided clients with broken english and clients in their late seventies through this process.  They have all achieved much better results than they could ever have with any real estate agent.

Don't Reinvent The Wheel - Apply The Secret Formula

Do you think that agents reinvent the wheel every time they market a home?  

If they admitted that there was a proven, and easy to follow process that lead to the successful sale of any property they wouldn’t be able to charge the commissions they charge.
Real estate agents rely on making the process seem complicated so they can present themselves as the only solution.  In reality, there is a simple seven step process to sell your own home, that - when followed correctly - results in a sale that achieves an excellent sale price within a reasonable time.
The process or formula consists of Preparation, Presentation, Pricing, Promotion and Negotiation.  I expand on these in greater detail in the book titled Real Estate Agents Don’t Sell Homes. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to follow this recipe on your own or pay a huge commission for it. You can have it working for you via an Assisted Private Sale™
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An Assisted Private Sale™ Is The BEST Way To Apply The Formula.

Eight Mile Plains Capped Commission Real EState Agent FeesWhen we started looking for our first renovation project, we looked at hundreds of houses.  During this time we met almost as many real estate agents and came to understand why they have such a bad reputation. It was only later that we learned why people continued to pay them unnecessarily high real estate agent fees.
Since the successful sale of our first renovated house, we have negotiated the purchase and sale of many properties over the years and have also guided others through the same process. We refuse to let our family and friends use real estate agents to sell their homes.
We also understand that a private sale, without any guidance is not for everyone. This is with good reason.  Not knowing or following the formula results in tens of thousands of dollars being left on the table.  
Our learnings, observations and experience has led to the establishment of Revolutionary Real Estate as a property marketing strategist business and a radical real estate agent alternative.  We developed and trademarked the Assisted Private Sale™ process.  
We wanted all Australians to experience the same euphoria that we and our family and friends experienced when our properties were bought for top dollar. The extra $10,000 to $50,000 in your back pocket is the huge bonus that comes from not having to pay the crazy expense of real estate agent commissions and marketing fees.  

We have made it our mission to eliminate real estate commissions in Australia and fight for a fairer marketing fee. Wherever you are in Australia, you can benefit from this revolutionary service!

Call us to find out more about why selling without a real estate agent is a much better alternative.
Zsofi and David

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