Testimonials from Clients who've paid Zero Commission through us

Want to pay zero commission to Real Estate Agents?

While we charge a nominal professional service fee, we still help our clients pocket up to $50,000 more than they could with any agent or private sale.

Read here about our happy clients who've successfully sold their home, pocketed up to $50,000 more, and paid Zero Commission to Real Estate Agents. 



Kenmore, Brisbane

Mark and Sara were at first skeptical, until they pocketed over $25,000 extra in just 16 days. 

"We would recommend Revolutionary Real Estate to anyone we know who wants to sell"

"At first we were unsure if not using a traditional agent would limit the number of potential buyers, or how a buyer might react if they knew that the house wasn’t sold by an agent. No-Commission-Kenmore-Brisbane-Happy-Couple-Sold-property
In the end, I think we achieved a higher price because we could develop rapport with the potential buyers and really give a proper sense for them why the home is so great. 
We chose Revolutionary Real Estate because we saved a ton of money on commission, paid lower advertising fees, since the agents pushed bigger packages, and because of the money back guarantee."



Wynn Vale, Adelaide

Kelly and Grant were unsure at first, until they met with us and quickly saw the value.

"When I mentioned to Kelly that I had approached David about helping us sell our house she was hesitant.

The lure of avoiding hefty agent commissions and marketing fees meant that we agreed to meet with them and discuss the “Revolutionary approach”, over coffee.
David and Zsofi supported us along the way despite being interstate.
We utilised technology to our advantage and used Skype to show them through the house so they could guide us on presentation and how to ensure someone fell in love with our house and wanted to buy it.
David and Zsofi’s advice on how to present and respond to enquiries meant...

...we had anNo-Commission-Wynn-Vale-Adelaide-Happy-young-family-Sold-property interested buyer within the week.

I’d estimate we made about $12,000 in savings right there.
This together with meeting our target sale price, made our end savings possible to buy again without paying LMI (lenders mortgage insurance)!
LMI would have added about $15K on top of our loan. Total savings then $27,000 which is remarkable when you look at it that way!"



Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane

Susanna was amazed to pocket $19,500 PLUS 2% more than her ideal asking price.

"We’re already planning our European holiday thanks to David & Zsofi."


"Private-Sale-Brisbane-Eight-Mile-Plains-SusannahI’m glad we took your advice on how to present the house at a reasonable cost, to achieve maximum impact.
Spray painting the bench tops and changing the handles on the cupboards made a dramatic difference in the kitchen.  Staging the house with fresh, modern furniture made the 22 year old house feel like new.  The inspections were pleasant experiences, all potential buyers had very positive comments on the property.  
Saving tens of thousands on selling costs made a huge difference."



Wilston, Brisbane

Fiona and Craig were delighted with the results of using our Assisted Private Sale™ method for their Wilston Apartment.

 “We would like to thank David & Zsofi from Revolutionary Real Estate for guiding and mentoring us through the whole process of selling our home in Wilston, Brisbane.

It was a relief to deal with such genuine and supportive people who have so much knowledge in the industry.

No-Commission-Wilston-Brisbane-Happy-Couple-Sold-propertyWe were really happy with the final result and achieved our asking price with little stress.

Thanks again for all you support.”
By using our services to help sell their home, they pocketed an extra $16,800 that would otherwise have been lost to Real Estate Commissions.
They recommend our Assisted Private Sale™ services to others wanting to do the same.

No Commission Real Estate"What's really unique in working with Zsofi and David is their level of professionalism – without the feel of working with real estate agents.

Zsofi's talent for presentation, David's excellent skills for negotiations, their knowledge of the market, their dynamism is exceptional.

They understood the worry we've been through and guided us very skillfully.

I can recommend this dynamic duo to anyone"

- Nandor, Ascot

Capped Commission Real Estate QLD Testimonials"Knowledge, passion and hard work drive David and Zsofi to achieve sensational results.

Not only did they help to sell our property quickly but also above asking price.

They were honest, prompt and approachable.

We couldn't be happier with our experience, and not only have we saved money avoiding excessive agent fees but we've achieved the best sales outcome possible.

Thank you so very much for your never ending energy, advice and expertise. We appreciate just how much you both did.

 No words could adequately describe our gratitude."

- Aneta & Adam - Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

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