Preparing your home for inspection – Our Top 10 tips

Preparing your Home for Inspection Our Top 10 tips to make a great first impression with prospective buyers I think we can all agree that having prospective buyers come to inspect your home can be a daunting thought. It can feel very personal and if you’ve run out of time to properly prepare, you really ARE selling…

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How to sell your own home Australia

How to Sell your Own Home Australia: Our Ultimate Guide proven to attract cash-rich buyers who’ll pay more for an early sale Rumour has it that if you’re gong to sell your home, it’s is up there with one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. So knowing how to sell…

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How to sell your home without an Agent – Australia

How to Sell your home without an Agent: In order to understand how to sell your home without an Agent, it’s useful to look at the process of selling your home and what you will need to do in each step. More detail on our 7 step process on how to sell your home for more can…

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Sell without an Agent

5 Reasons Why it makes sense and how to go about it Sell without an Agent: Have you started thinking about selling your home? Here at Revolutionary Real Estate, we have written a lot about the myths of Real Estate Agent sales methods, why they are not the best negotiators, and more reasons why you might…

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How do I Sell my Home Privately In Brisbane?

How do I sell my Home Privately in Brisbane? Good question. We understand why you might be thinking about it and asking for advice. In fact, we’re so pleased you’re asking the question. Because that’s where we were at some years ago. As a Brisbane Couple looking to pocket a few extra dollars for the sale of…

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5 Reasons You Must Never Let a Real Estate Agent Negotiate for You

Most agents like to portray themselves as experts at negotiation to impress you and win your business.  They want to convince you that they are the only people who can negotiate the highest price for you.  A price that would justify their commission.  Unfortunately, most people take this at face value without understanding the dynamics…

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