How You Can Easily Achieve A Higher Sale Price Than With ANY Real Estate Agent - For A Fraction Of The Cost And Without The Risks Of A Private Sale

Finally, a proven way to pocket an extra $50,000+ from the sale of your home

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Do you believe that real estate commissions are too high, but selling privately is unprofessional and risky?

Do you find it difficult to trust real estate agents, because you feel like they would say just about anything to sign you up? 

Does it feel like you are taking all the risk when committing to a real estate agent, despite their huge fees?

Don’t you think this is unfair?

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My name is David Kaity and I’m a Property Marketing Strategist and author of the book Real Estate Agents Don’t Sell Homes.

Did you know that most home sellers easily leave $50,000 on the table without even knowing it?

This happens whether they sell with an agent OR privately. 

Amazingly, many of them are even happy with the result they achieved, because they have absolutely no idea that they could have done MUCH better.

Unfortunately, you will never achieve the best possible result with either a real estate agent or by selling privately. 

The best result is the highest possible sale price at the lowest possible cost.

The only reason most sellers are willing to pay exorbitant real estate fees is because they believe that this is the only way they can achieve the highest sale price.

They believe this because they also believe that real estate agents have an incentive to get the highest price possible for them.

The higher the sale price, the more the agent is paid, right?

What most people don’t realise is that this is NOT an incentive to achieve the highest sale price.  

Do you think it matters to a real estate agent whether they make $18,000 or $18,500 in commission? – Especially, if they can pocket the $18,000 sooner?  

The difference between those two amounts is a difference of $20,000 in your sale price at a commission rate of 2.5%.

Do you think an agent will care more about $500, than you about $20,000?

Just think about it.  If the commission rate is 2.5%, it only costs an agent $250 for every $10,000 less they convince you to accept, in order to secure a quicker sale and pocket their commission sooner.

Most agents don’t negotiate the best sale price because their real incentive is to sell quickly at whatever price achieves a quick sale.

This has been proven by several independent scientific studies, one of which was conducted by economists Steven Levitt and Chad Syverson and made famous by the book Freakonomics.

Is Your Home Worth More Just Because You Have To Pay A Commission?

Imagine that your home was worth $700,000 and local agents were charging $20,000 in commission and marketing fees to sell it.

You would need to sell for more than what the home is worth – or at least $720,000 – to cover your agent’s fees and pocket the value of the home.

Would you pay more for someone’s home, just so that they can pay for their real estate agent?

If you are selling with an agent, you are starting with a $20,000 disadvantage or hurdle just to make up for their fees.  

Even if the agent sold for $720,000, they are only covering their fee and not giving you a return on investment.

Unfortunately, because agents don’t have an incentive to achieve the highest sale price, they will likely undersell your home, while also charging you a fortune.   

The combination of a lower sale price and huge fees could easily see you leave $50,000 on the table when selling with any agent.

Selling privately is no better.  The owner of one of Australia’s first private selling platforms revealed to me that about 70% of his private sale clients fail to sell.  

Those who do sell, undersell by far more than what they save in commissions, because they don’t know the formula that achieves the highest sale price.   

My wife, Sophie and I learned all this the hard way about 10 years ago, which is when the photo below was taken.

Henderson 1

This was us in front of our very first renovation project. It seems like a happy story, but it wasn’t quite so. 

Not long before this photo, we were looking at making a loss of $20,000 on this property after many months of blood, sweat and tears.  

We bought the property at a great price, because we spent 6 months researching our chosen area. 

We attended on average 7 open homes each Saturday morning and met with over 100 real estate agents

We got a really good idea of what agents do, and don’t do, and what they should and shouldn’t do.

Anyway, after we bought the property, we made lots of mistakes due to our inexperience and we spent too much on the renovations. 

If we were to sell with any real estate agent, we would have made about a $20,000 loss

Out of desperation, we were forced to consider all options.  Even though I don’t recommend doing this, selling privately was one of these options. 

We didn’t know the first thing about selling privately and were very afraid of trying it for fear of stuffing up and making an even bigger loss.

The only reason we finally decided to give it a shot was because of our rich experience with real estate agents and deep understanding of how they operated. 

Despite this advantage, we made lots of mistakes and sold for less than what we should have, but at least we avoided a loss

Thanks to our learning experience from this sale, family and friends started asking us for help with the marketing of their homes. 

We guided them through the journey, refining and improving our processes along the way, until we became really good at what we did

We helped them pocket $30,000, $40,000 and well over $50,000 more than they could have with any agent or by selling themselves. 

It was sometime around the 3rd or 4th property, that I had a revelation or a real eureka moment.

Zsofi and I sold photos

Before I share my revelation, let me ask you this:  Do you remember when you bought your home? 

What made you buy that particular home over any other? Was it the real estate agent? 

If you didn’t buy the home because of the agent, then the home was never sold to you. 

The agent didn’t have to convince you or talk you into it, right? 

So if your home wasn’t sold to you, why would you believe that it could be sold to anyone else?

Or in other words, if you didn’t buy it because of the agent, why would anybody else?


My revelation or eureka moment was that a home can never be sold.  

You can decide to sell all you want, but without someone deciding to buy, you’ll never have a transaction.  Seems obvious doesn’t it?  

Neither the house that Sophie and I renovated, nor our family and friend’s homes were sold.  They were all bought.  

A home is never sold, because nobody can pressure or talk anybody into buying a property. 

A home can only become BUYABLE.  This is so important, I have to repeat it:  A home can only become BUYABLE.  

If you don’t truly understand how to achieve this, you will lose out on many tens of thousands of dollars.

Private sale by owner

Home sellers have one of two beliefs.  The majority believe that a home needs to be sold.  These people engage a ‘seller of properties’, otherwise known as a real estate agent.

We can all agree that the majority of properties in Australia are marketed by agents.  

For this reason, even intelligent, educated grown adults believe that the agent is the cause of the sale.

On the other hand, a small number of private sellers believe that a home simply sells itself and all they need to do is advertise it. 

While helping our friends and family make tens of thousands of dollars in profit on the sale of their homes, I discovered that it was actually a formula, which helped to make every home BUYABLE.   

This formula guarantees better results than any real estate agent or private sale.

You see, it isn’t a real estate agent or private seller who sells a home. It is this formula, which makes a home BUYABLE

You don’t have to trust an agent, or anyone else, if you trust this formula

This formula helps home sellers easily pocket $50,000 extra from a combination of achieving a record sale price with lower sale costs.


After seeing the spectacular results our family and friends were achieving, we decided to help others as well.  

Thanks to our website, we had all kinds of people with all kinds of properties finding us from all over the country.  

At first I was cautious about offering to help interstate vendors. 

However, when I saw them experience the same kind of success as everyone else, I realised that this formula works regardless of the person, their location or the type of property they have.

Below are just three case studies and ordinary examples of the everyday results I have helped others to achieve:

Case Study 1 - Briar and Luigi

Briar and Luigi

The lovely couple in the above photo are Luigi and Briar.  They wanted to sell their home in Carindale, just south of Brisbane.  

Before selling, they requested an idependent valuation from one of Australia’s most reputable valuers: Herron Todd White.  

You can see this valuation below:

Briar and Luigi sold price

Although a little fuzzy, hopefully you can see that the expected market value range was between $785,000 and $815,000, with the absolute upper limit being $825,000.

Briar and Luigi wanted an alternative to what the crowds of home sellers do and requested a consultation with me.  

I worked with them to execute the formula and they achieved a sale price of $884,900, which you can see from the evidence below.  

My apologies again if the image is a little fuzzy.

RP Data sale evidence

This result was $70,000 higher than the expected top of the range and $60,000 higher than the absolute upper limit.  

Thanks to my help, they also saved $20,000 on real estate commissions and marketing fees. 

The combination of the increased sale price with the reduced sale costs helped Briar and Luigi pocket a staggering $80,000 – $90,000 more than they could have otherwise.  

The total cost of the recommended changes to their home, including all the marketing campaign costs was around $10,000. 

This is what Briar had to say after her experience:

“David was clear with us about what improvements to the property would make the most difference to the buyers and what things were just not worth doing. Thanks to his help we achieved a price that I didn’t think would be possible. I have already recommended David to both friends and family and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.” – Briar Willard

Case Study 2 - John and Helen

For Sale

Next, meet John and Helen.  

They wanted to sell their former home in Gordon Park just north of Brisbane.  

They spoke with several local agents, and according to John, most of them appraised the property at around $600,000 at the time.  

As most of us know, real estate agents are not usually conservative with their appraisals and tend to inflate a little in the hope of winning the listing.

John and Helen were not happy to settle for what the majority of sellers accept, so they requested a consultation with me.  

Together we followed the formula and by doing this, they ended up selling for $715,000 as you can see from the evidence below, sourced from Core Logic.

John Trim sale price

If John and Helen had engaged any of the local agents who appraised their home, they would likely have sold for around $600,000.

After paying the usual commissions and marketing fees, they would have pocketed around $580,000.

Thanks to this formula, John and Helen were able to sell for $715,000 and after all costs, they pocketed and walked away with $680,000.  

This was a massive $100,000 more than they would have ended up with if they sold with a local agent.  

The $100,000 extra in their pocket included a $15,000 saving on commissions and marketing fees.

This is what John had to say after his success:

“We could not be happier with the result we achieved on the sale of our property. The price was significantly higher than a recent valuation” – John Trim

Case Study 3 - Sue


The last example is Sue, who is one of the many interstate vendors I have helped.  

She wanted to sell her property in Grovedale, just south of Geelong in Victoria.  

This was a modest 2 bedroom townhouse in a small complex.  

Three months prior, one of her neighbours sold an identical townhouse that was right next to Sue’s for $300,000 with a ‘local area expert’ real estate agent.  

You can see evidence of her neighbour’s sale below:

Sue Ellis neighbour sale

Sue wasn’t content with following the herd and believed that there must be a better alternative.  

She requested a consultation with me, and shortly after, Sue’s townhouse was bought for $360,000.  

For an investment that was similar to what her neighbour paid in commissions and marketing fees alone, Sue was able to pocket an amazing $60,000 or 20% more. 

You can see evidence of her sale below:

Sue Ellis sale

This is what Sue said after achieving this phenomenal result:

“The result achieved was well beyond my expectation and I am really grateful to David.” – Sue Ellis

Since I’ve been using this formula to help others, the results have been so amazing that I’ve been able to remove the risks involved with selling a home.  

If people don’t like anything about the formula, my help, or me, they are free to leave with no hard feelings or any obligation to pay me a cent.

More importantly, even after their home has been bought and the money is in their bank, but they don’t feel like my help was worth my fee, then I ask them not to pay me.

This is how confident I am in this formula.

You are more than welcome to speak with people I am currently helping or have helped in the past to ask about their experience.

The very first, and most important step for everyone I help (including the three examples above) is a 2 hour consultation in which I reveal how they can easily pocket an extra $50,000+ from the sale of their home with the help of this formula.

This consultation focuses on three things:


Step One – Shattering buyer objections

I will help shatter the buyer objections you can’t see that will either cost you a sale or tens of thousands of dollars.  

This will help you achieve a higher sale price AND a quicker sale.  

You won’t hear about this from any real estate agent, because they have little incentive to ‘waste’ their time with this. 

Most home sellers are not aware of buyer objections because very few of them know the taste and expectations of the market.

Most sellers are too emotionally invested in their home to see why someone wouldn’t buy it, or pay what it’s worth. 

Even when vendors know of potential buyer objections, they usually don’t know the cutting edge, affordable, industry insider solutions to overcome them.  

Shattering buyer objections can add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line by removing reasons for buyers to knock your price down.  

This step will also speed up your sale by reducing the number of people who walk away from your home without making an offer.


Step Two – The magic of tran($)formation

You can forget about achieving top dollar for your home if it doesn’t create an emotional connection with buyers.  

The only way to do this is by appealing to them through their senses of sight, sound, smell and touch.  

When selling your home, it must never just be a commodity, an accommodation, or simply bricks and mortar.  

If it is, buyers will focus on price.

I’ll reveal the secrets of skyrocketing the perceived value of your home in the eyes of your ideal buyers by many tens of thousands of dollars, on a shoestring budget. 

You won’t hear these suggestions I make from any real estate agent. 

Buyers will see a lifestyle, a sanctuary and a status symbol to be proud of, and they will pay accordingly.  

They will pay a premium to own the ‘feeling’ of being in your home.  

I can get people to fall over each other and forget about negotiating for fear of losing out on your home.


Step Three – Slashing your costs of sale

What’s the point in achieving the highest possible sale price if you have to give much of that premium back in commissions and marketing fees?  

Most vendors waste $18,000 – $30,000+ in commissions and marketing fees unnecessarily.

I can show you little known ways to slash these costs to a fraction of what most people pay without having to engage in a risky and unprofessional private sale.

I’ll reveal an alternative way to sell that you’ve never heard of, which comes with a no-pay guarantee and no lock-in contract.

This consultation will show you how you can easily walk away with an extra $50,000+  from the sale of your home, thanks to the combined power of these three steps.  

The most important step for everyone I help (including the three case studies above) is a consultation in which I reveal how they can easily pocket an extra $50,000+ from the sale of their home with the help of this formula.

This is what the consultation reveals:  

  • The secrets of cost effectively skyrocketing the perceived value of your home in the eyes of your ideal buyers by many tens of thousands of dollars more than you could with any real estate agent.
  • The cutting edge, industry insider solutions to massively increase the sale price of your home on a shoestring budget.
  • How to get buyers to fall over each other and forget about negotiating for fear of losing out on your home. 
  • How to shatter the buyer objections you can’t see that will either cost you a sale or tens of thousands of dollars.  This will help you achieve a higher sale price AND a quicker sale.  You won’t hear about this from any real estate agent.
  • Little known ways to slash the astronomical costs of selling your home  without having to engage in a risky and unprofessional private sale.
  • A revolutionary alternative way to sell that you’ve never heard of, which comes with a no-pay guarantee and no lock-in contract.
  • How to easily pocket $50,000 extra from the sale of your home from the combination of all of the above. 

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FREE - One Time Offer

I’m prepared to show you for FREE, how you can easily walk away with $50,000 more from the sale of your home.

If you qualify, I’d like to offer you a FREE personal consultation, valued at $497

I usually only give this consultation to paying clients of mine, which is why I’m offering it to qualified people only.  

In this consultation, I reveal the exact formula for how you can easily pocket $50,000 more from the sale of your home than you could with ANY real estate agent or private sale.

More importantly, I will show you in detail how this formula applies specifically to your home.

I only make this free offer available on this page, because I know that only those who take it seriously will apply.  

Those who leave this page also leave this offer, and I prefer it that way, because I would only like to help those who see the value in this offer.   

If you apply and qualify for the free consultation, but feel that it was a waste of your time, then I will pay your hourly wage for the time you spent with me. 

During this free consultation, I will not sell you anything or pressure you to do anything.

After the consultation, you will not hear from me again unless you contact me or ask me to contact you. 

Whatever you decide to do with the information I give you during the consultation is entirely up to you.  

Even if we never speak again, I will feel better for knowing that I’ve helped you make a more informed decision – whatever that decision may be.

To find out if you qualify for this FREE consultation worth $497, please click the button below to arrange a quick call with me.

Common Questions

Do I have to market or advertise my own home? – NO

Do I have to sell my own home? – NO

Does this involve expensive renovations? – NO

Do I have to negotiate with buyers? – NO

Do I have to arrange the contract of sale? – NO

I look forward to showing you how you can easily pocket $50,000+ extra from the sale of your home than you could otherwise.  

This extra cash could either boost your retirement or it could help you upgrade to a better home than you otherwise could have.

Without the information I share with you in this free consultation, I sincerely believe that you will easily leave $50,000 on the table when you sell your home by underselling your home, paying too much to sell or both.  

Most home sellers who are happy with their sale have no idea about the many tens of thousands of dollars they missed out on.

You can only sell your home once.  If you miss the opportunity to pocket an extra $50,000, it’s lost forever. 

To apply for a FREE consultation worth $497, please click the button below to arrange a quick call with me. 


Kindest regards,

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