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Achieve A Higher Sale Price For Your Home At A Fraction Of The Cost Of An Agent


Trust The Process, Not An Agent

Did you buy your home or was it sold to you? Think about that question for a minute.  

If you bought your home, what made you buy it? If the real estate agent had little to do with your decision to buy, then what did the agent do?  

The simple truth, which few people realise is that agents follow a process or recipe that leads to a purchase.  This process doesn't care who follows it or how much you pay.

You can achieve the highest possible sale price for your home without excessive real estate agent fees. You can also pocket significantly more from your sale than you could with any traditional real estate agent, without having to sell by yourself. 


Busting the Real Estate Myths

People who choose to sell their property in the traditional way do so because they are victims of several myths. The goal of Revolutionary Real Estate is to bust these myths, shake up the industry and give control and money back to home owners.

Keep More

What would you do with an extra $10,000 to $50,000+?  Bigger deposit on your new house? New car? Luxury cruise? European vacation?  Spending money or simply repay some debts?  You don't have to share your equity with a real estate agent any more. 


We define a successful property sale as one that achieves the highest possible price, in the shortest possible time, with the least hassle and minimal cost.  How much you sell for is important, but how much you walk away with is far more important.  No real estate agent will talk about this number.

Why We Are The Best Choice

Save up to $50,000+ in real estate commissions and marketing fees.

We will share with you clever and inexpensive tricks, which will help you to achieve a higher selling price.

Enjoy the benefits of a proven system that removes the stress of selling and creates peace of mind.

Low, fixed fee with no lock-in contract and money back guarantee.

Tailor made and customised marketing advice that reduces your costs and increases your sale price.

Highly personalised service built on trust, transparency and communication.

Benefit from our negotiation skills, experience and unique system to secure the highest sale price.

We help you avoid the traps and pitfalls of selling with a traditional real estate agent.

Comparison of Traditional Agents vs Revolutionary Real Estate

 Typical Estate Agent
Commission @ 2.5% +GST
Most Popular Revolutionary
Real Estate Service
Saving With Revolutionary
Real Estate
$500K property$13,750$5,500$8,250
$800K property$22,000$5,500$16,500
$1M property$27,500$5,500$22,000
$1.5M property$41,250$5,500$35,750

The above comparison excludes the many thousands of dollars in marketing fees charged by many real estate agents.

Find Out The Secrets No Real Estate Agent Wants You To Know

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Adam and Aneta

"Knowledge, passion and hard work drive David and Zsofi to achieve sensational results. Not only did they help to sell our property quickly but also above asking price. They were honest, prompt and approachable. We couldn't be happier with our experience, and not only have we saved money avoiding excessive agent fees but we've achieved the best sales outcome possible. Thank you so very much for your never ending energy, advice and expertise. We appreciate just how much you both did and no words could adequately describe our gratitude."

Aneta & Adam - Mt Gravatt


"What's really unique in working with Zsofi and David is their level of professionalism – without the feel of working with real estate agents. Zsofi's talent for presentation, David's excellent skills for negotiations, their knowledge of the market, their dynamism is exceptional. They understood the worry we've been through and guided us very skillfully. I can recommend this dynamic duo to anyone."

Nandor - Ascot


"I’m glad we took your advice on how to present the house at a reasonable cost, to achieve maximum impact.  Spray painting the bench tops and changing the handles on the cupboards made a dramatic difference in the kitchen.  Staging the house with fresh, modern furniture made the 22 year old house feel like new.  The inspections were pleasant experiences, all potential buyers had very positive comments on the property.  Saving tens of thousands on selling costs made a huge difference.  We’re already planning our European holiday thanks to David & Zsofi."

Susanna - Eight Mile Plains

Mark and Sara

"At first, we were unsure if not using a traditional agent would limit the number of potential buyers, or how a buyer might react if they knew that the house wasn’t sold by an agent.  In the end, I think we achieved a higher price because we could develop rapport with the potential buyers and really give a proper sense for them why the home is so great.  We chose Revolutionary Real Estate because we saved a ton of money on commission (at least $15,000), paid lower advertising fees, since the agents pushed bigger packages, and because of the money back guarantee.  We would recommend Revolutionary Real Estate to anyone we know who wants to sell."

Sara & Mark - Kenmore

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